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    In todays era, the digital and real space in which one functions has drastically changed. The horizons of our senses no longer match the bygone perception of the World where space and time limited our possibilities. In the works of previous epochs the painting's frame stood for a kind of gate leading the viewer towards a real world, a world within the reach of a hand. Perhaps not always was it our direct surrounding but it was always a world within the reach of our sight, the sight of the viewer. Thanks to technical achievements and the development of new technologies, the complicated multispace of modern life can take us immediately from one place on earth to another, from a microcosm to a macrocosm, from the past times into the future. Modern art encompasses, or at least tries to encompass all this complicated multispace so that one could "grasp it" with the eyes. A man situated, oftentimes lost in this multidimentional, complicated space is the subject that inspires me most.

The range of techniques I use is broad, from declining ones like the classic miniature painting, to different kinds of experiments.

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